• 25 Jan 2009
  • Posted by admin

Sweet Jesus!  Filed in the ‘Now I’ve seen everything’ drawer, I came upon this in my web travels to look for some tuts on how to get that Starcraft metal material that is so sweet looking.  Then I came upon vrogy.net, and saw this amazing discovery.

For those of you that don’t know what a CNC is, it is a computer controlled cutting machine that can carve out machine parts, car rims, and a whole lot of stuff out of metal, foam, plastic and more.  Most industrial machines that do this kind of work can be in the thousands of dollars.  It would appear though, that you can get plans and parts from RockCliff that you can hook up to your dremel, and by the pictures maybe even a rotozip.  Once you get the system together you hook it up to your home computer, load the software, and start outputting your digital creations to something in the tactile realm.  Okay, well, maybe a little more than that.

While it is unclear what type of file format the software will allow you to import, I can’t see it being too difficult to import something from 3DS Max or even Maya.

Ah, the possibilities would be endless…