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Escape Studios (New York, London) is offering some of its Maya Core course as a ‘demo’, in order for potential students to get a taste of what the complete course has to offer.  

The course consists of movies related to aspects of Maya’s functionality.  For the demo, most of the movies are locked down, so you can’t view them.  Through the titles of the movies, you are able to get an understanding of the sheer depth that this course offers.  

For the movies that are unlocked, you are able to view the clip in its entirety.  Most courses online that ‘unlock’ sample training only offer the first introductory movies to get the potential participant interested.  In contrast, Escape Studios, has unlocked videos throughout its course offering.  One can get a good idea of what you are actually going to get if you sign up for the complete course.

If you are looking to find Autodesk Maya training online, this might be the place to look.

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