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It happens to all of us creative types.  One day the well runs dry.  Nothing interesting comes to mind.  We panic because we feel that we have lost our mojo; scared that it has slipped through our fingers, and that we might not see it ever again.  If we do this for a living, that’s even scarier, because our source of income might dry up.  What to do?

I have experienced this lots of times.  Just putting up this new blog in addition to a business site, leaves me very intimidated by the sheer amount of content that I have to create.  To have people come and visit and find what I have to say relevant to them and interesting.   And more than interesting enough to pass on to others.  That’s what it is really.  Word of mouth.  Trying to generate something special enough to share with others that might just resonate with other people.

Do you know what I’m talking about?  If you do, I can try to share what I do in these times to help myself out.  I still struggle with writer’s block at times and it does take some time to get out of a funk.

In my creative experience, I really have learned that our creative mindsets are like wells.  Wells that contain all the creative inspiration that our brains can muster.  But the well isn’t self-replenishing.  In addition to practising our craft and challenging our boundaries, we really have to take time to re-fill the well as much as we take from it.  We need to be inspired from time to time. 

This is as much as developing a creative lifetstyle where you plan to give time to fill the well as much as you take energy from it.  One might argue that it takes time away from the act of creation and that you don’t have time for it.  In order for your creative drive to continue, you must take care of it.  To fill your vessel:

- go to a movie (one that you’ve been dying to see is a good choice)

- go to the video store or the library to rent/borrow a whole lot of movies in one sitting

- read some books, not necessarily related to your field

- go for a walk, get some exercise

I think what it really boils down to is to get out and live your life.  I like the quote by Brad Bird where he says “Animation is all about creating the illusion of life, and you can’t create that if you don’t have one.” 

Then when your well is full again, you can get back to being creative.

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Hello there - if you’ve noticed that this site disappeared for while, well… ITTTT’SSSS BACK!!

digitalcheese.ca is my personal site that I put up personal musings and things that I’m passionate about.  As well, as for you the surfer, lists of resources that you can tap into depending on what you are interested in.

Through the coming weeks, I’ll be adding new “static” content on the site.   Mostly resource information, and yes the on-going blog postings. 

I realize that blogs are by nature, ego-centric.  That is to say ultimately this site has stuff that I’m interested in sharing or that I think is important enough to share with other people.  But on the flip side of that, that makes for reallly boorrrring content.  Stuff like ‘what did I have for breakfast’, ‘my opinion on straw’, or ‘what movie did I watch last night’.  I do have an interest in the Calgary arts and music scene and what’s going on around town, so I’ll be sure to put that stuff up as well.   

I’ve switched to a WordPress system for the ease of managing the site.  It makes managing a site like this a breeze, and even has management app for the iPhone.  If you have an organization that is interested in creating a website visit my company site.  I create dynamic websites that deliver results.

Enjoy your day!